Medikus Tech

Scalable and
management of
healthcare processes

Digital transformation and technological solutions

Medikus HIS/HRP

Health Information System / Health Resource Planning

Proprietary software

To manage health information through an advanced, professional and easy-to-use tool.

Customizable and easy to use

Improve the medical business and optimize time and costs with the most advanced technology.

Medikus Billing

Socio-sanitary for payment management

It allows you to manage the entire billing and subscription process, focusing on the end customer.

Digital Products

Web and mobile applications

Medikus Marketplace

The most complete shopping marketplace for the healthcare sector

A complete platform for trading hospital supplies, medicines, equipment, food, furniture, office supplies, cleaning, hospital clothing… and much more.

Development of solutions for the health area


Security, electronic records, big data, smart devices, machine learning, AI, blockchain, IOT, robotics, wearables, sensors, apps...


To any institution in the Health sector: Day Centers, Social Health Centers, Clinics, Hospitals, Hotels-Residence, Nursing Homes, Health Insurance...


Centralization of the data to be analyzed: Customer service (portal for families/patients, applications, loyalty...). Ownership, quality and legal reports.

Cloud based

Flexible, modular, scalable and on Premise

User Experience/UX

Designed by and for the user. Adaptable to any device and easy to use.


Reduce administrative tasks.
Increase the time spent with the patient.
Digitization processes.

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