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Member of the Digiu Digital Group

Digiu Digital is a technology group that designs, develops, and operates digital projects with a mission: to make digitization as simple as possible. Specialists in digital transformation and digital commerce, it helps businesses automate and modernize their processes, and build their strategic capabilities focused on customer experience. The Digiu Digital group has 3 lines of business.

Digital Experts

Products and digital services development DevOps (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) Services AMS, 24×7, Global

Digitalization as simple as possible

Global Specialists in Digital Transformation, Digital Commerce, and Customer Experience

Accelerating healthcare innovation

Develops, Integrates, and Automates Digital Solutions for Healthcare Process Management.

Medikus' Story

Since joining the esteemed Digiu Digital group in 2021, Medikus has been committed to leading digital transformation in the healthcare sector. With a rich heritage in technology and innovation brought by the over two-decade expertise of Digiu Digital, Medikus establishes itself as a beacon of excellence in digital health solutions.

Medikus Timeline

Technology projects in healthcare
Assessment para Grupo Ballesol
Development of HIS/HRP solution
Nov 2020
Agreement with Bionexo for Marketplace

We reached an agreement with Bionexo, a market leader in Latam for digital solutions, launching our Marketplace solution in Spain and Portugal.

Expansion of client base in healthcare
"Healthy Heart Score" app with universities

We developed the "Healthy Heart Score" application with the Universidad Autónoma and Harvard.

Launch of HIS in Elderly Care Centers

Our HIS solution is launched live in the first Elderly Care Centers.

New Solutions and Services from Medikus
Jun 2022
Inclusion in Alimarket as a leader

Alimarket includes Medikus HIS/HRP as a leader in Management Software solutions for the digitalization of hospitals and geriatric centers.

Jun 2022
Medikus as an independent company

MEDIKUS HEALTH TECH SOLUTIONS is born as its own brand and independent company within the Digiu Digital Group.

Mar 2023
Highlight of Medikus HIS

Medikus HIS has been included in Alimarket's ranking of 'management software for hospitals and nursing homes'.

Revenue surpassing 0.5MM EUR
Ene 2024
New office in Mexico

Medikus continues its geographical expansion and launches MEDIKUS MEXICO,  accompanied by entry into important clients in the region.


Medikus Products

Hospital and Patient Record Information Systems

Security, electronic records, big data, smart devices, machine learning, AI, blockchain, IOT, robotics, wearables, sensors, apps…

Billing and
Financial Management

Our billing solutions are designed to streamline financial processes, ensuring efficiency and compliance.​


Our online scheduling system is a powerful tool to improve patient care accessibility and efficiency.

Medikus Services

AMS Smart

Provide a comprehensive solution to streamline your processes, increase efficiency and foster innovation in your healthcare institution.

Development of Digital Products

Our team of architects, engineers and developers works together with our clients to create the solution that your business needs.

Digital Transformation

Everyone can schedule online appointments or others additional services: 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere!


Providing businesses with the best digital solutions is in our DNA

Our Vision

At Medikus, we aspire to be global leaders in digital health solutions, driving innovation and efficiency in such a vital sector.

We are committed to being at the forefront of technology, offering solutions that not only meet current market needs but also shape the future of healthcare.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify and revolutionize the healthcare sector through advanced technological solutions.

We understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare institutions and tirelessly work to offer solutions that not only solve complex problems but also enhance the experience of patients and healthcare professionals.

Our Values

At Medikus Health Tech, innovation and integrity are paramount, driving us to continuously advance healthcare technology with ethics and transparency. 

We emphasize collaboration and excellence, working closely with healthcare professionals to deliver superior, impactful solutions.

Let's Grow Together

Providing Solutions to Propel Businesses Towards a More Digital Future