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Medikus Billing

Health Billing System

Socio-sanitary solution

It allows you to manage the entire billing and subscription process, focusing on the end customer.


To any institution in the Health sector: Health Insurance, Social Health Centers, Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Day Centers, Hotels-Residence…

Integration with ERP systems

Automatically send invoices to the ERP system through synchronized APIs or asynchronous integrations based on CSV files.

Calendar / Suscripition

Advanced scheduling allows repeating events, automated workflows triggered by check-in, and patient reminders.

Advanced Security

Fine-grained, HIPAA-compliant access control and industry-standard password hashing help protect your practice from intrusions.

Tax Decision Rules

Configurable tax model that allows billing taxes based on services and products in different countries and states.

Medical billing

HIPAA Compliant Integrated Billing ASC X12 Version 5010. Transaction Standards and Code Sets.

CMS reports

Generate reports with few clicks.

Multi Payer

Various payers and tax models rely on each other to address the complexity of the healthcare market.


Available in multiple languages.

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