The 5 simplified steps for the patient experience

The 5 simplified steps for the patient experience

From scheduling to patient recovery

In the era of advanced technology and constant innovations, the patient experience in the healthcare sector is evolving rapidly. In this regard, the quest for accessible and convenient medical services has become a priority for both patients and healthcare professionals. Within this context, Medikus stands out by offering comprehensive solutions to enhance the patient journey, making it more accessible and practical than ever before.

Imagine the following scenario: you, as a patient, need to schedule a medical appointment, undergo laboratory tests, receive prescriptions, and ensure that financial matters are handled transparently. Previously, all of this could have involved a series of phone calls, as well as personal visits and an excess of paperwork. However, thanks to Medikus’ comprehensive solution, this journey transforms into a smooth and efficient experience.

Step-by-Step: Simplifying the Patient Journey with Medikus

Step 1: Appointment Scheduling
  • Access the online platform of the clinic or hospital, where Medikus’ HIS-HRP system is integrated.
  • Using the advanced calendar, views appointment availability.
  • Selects a convenient time and schedules the appointment in a simple and straightforward manner.
Step 2: Conducting Tests
  • After the appointment, the doctor prescribes necessary tests.
  • Use the system to schedule them directly with partner laboratories.
  • Test results are automatically integrated into the patient’s history in the HIS-HRP system.
Step 3: Electronic Prescription and CMS Information
  • The doctor prescribes medications directly in the system, generating an electronic prescription.
  • The prescription is sent electronically.
  • Additionally, the system generates CMS information, providing detailed insights into the patient’s condition and prescribed treatments.
Step 4: Streamlined Financial Aspects with Medikus Billing
  • After the appointment, costs are automatically recorded in the Medikus Billing system.
  • The patient receives a detailed invoice, including the services provided and associated costs.
  • The invoice is seamlessly integrated into the institution’s ERP system, ensuring a complication-free financial process.

The patient experience is a fundamental element in the modern healthcare system, and Medikus deeply understands it. With its innovative solutions such as the HIS-HRP system and Medikus Billing, accessibility, convenience, and efficiency in information and financial management are elevated.

The patient journey has never been so smooth and tranquil, all thanks to Medikus’ advanced tools that are redefining how we interact with medical care. From appointment scheduling to financial management, Medikus simplifies and enhances every step of the way.

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